La 03.10.2020 18.00 Kannelmäki station,
Sitratori 2, 00420 Helsinki


Due to the Finnish Baroque Orchestra’s project At the Roots it is possible to experience art surprises in Kaarela throughout the year. Many have already bumped into the viola player playing around the Kaarela area, e.g. when doing grocery shopping, at the pub, when sunbathing at the square or when roaming the flea markets. The surprises continue as part of the festival program: stay tuned for a hiking trip that ends with a 20-minute long concert by FiBO’s traverso-duo.

The hike is calm and tranquil and takes max. 45 minutes (the length of the hike is about 2 km). The group starts at the Kannelmäki station by the corner of Aino’s second hand shop. Questions: 040 821 0651.

Free entry